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Saudi business woman, Wardah Sowimel has always looked at beauty in being much more than just makeup. Wardah Sowimel Cosmetics brand and Oxygen Contact Lens was created to inspire, motivate and empower women. Wardah’s love for natural beauty and elegant style, inspired Wardah to switch her career in dentistry to fulfil her passion in makeup artistry.

“Beauty means so much more than just makeup, and for me it is a huge part of my motivation behind Wardah Sowimel Cosmetics, and Oxygen Contact Lens. I created the makeup and lenses range to introduce a quality collection of products for women across the region.”

Wardah Sowimel



Wardah Sowimel Cosmetics is an ethical cosmetic’s brand founded by Wardah Sowimel. The exclusive halal and cruelty-free brand is committed to celebrating and enhancing beauty for women across the region. Wardah Sowimel Cosmetics embodies transparency, honesty and elegance and is crafted to inspire, motivate and empower strong individuals. The cosmetic range reflects the values of today’s women. It relies on in-depth knowledge to create a distinctive and luxurious formula, empowering women to make unique beauty statements. 

VISION & MISSION:  Wardah Cosmetic’s mission is to revolutionise cruelty-free makeup and create a globally recognised cosmetic brand, empowering women of all backgrounds, everywhere.Developed with no sub-ingredients of animal origin and 100% halal, Wardah Sowimel Cosmetics is passionate about creating transparency in the beauty industry. The luxury product range has been years in the making and is made with the highest quality ingredients, resulting in a truly sophisticated formula.

PRODUCT STORY: Inspired by Wardah’s expertise in the beauty industry and passion for makeup artistry, each product was created with a distinctive concept. Wardah successfully launched her first product ‘Oxygen by Wardah’ contact lenses in 2014. The ‘Oxygen by Wardah’ lenses were the first product designed and created by Wardah. After the prosperous launch of ‘Oxygen by Wardah', she expanded her product line. Wardah Sowimel developed a luxurious and versatile product range that would appeal to women of all backgrounds. In 2018, Wardah Sowimel partnered with Typhoon Cosmetics to expand her makeup line; which has an array of products such as lashes, lipsticks, nail polish and perfumes. 

We are selling halal and cruelty-free make up on our website www.wardahsowimel.com. 

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Copyright © 2018 Wardah Sowimel. All rights reserved.
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